August 13, 2018

Kevin Conover

Kevin Conover is the host of Educate for Life radio, a weekly program that airs in San Diego, California, on 1210 AM KPRZ and on Kevin has interviewed many experts including organic synthetic chemist, Dr. James Tour, one of the top 50 scientists in the world, ADF President, CEO, and General Counsel Michael Farris, world renowned brain surgeon, Dr. David Levy, world wide evangelist Will Graham, and expert on human sexuality, Dr. Christopher Yuan, who is also a former homosexual, among many others. The next generation is being lost to skepticism and agnosticism at an alarming rate. “We are in a crisis. If the Church does not wake up and solve it, biblical Christianity in the United States is in jeopardy.” — George Barna, founder of the leading market research firm on religious beliefs and behaviors of Americans. Kevin Conover has an MA in Apologetics from Biola University and has taught students how to defend the Bible at Shadow Mountain Christian High School for more than 12 years. He is also an adjunct professor at San Diego Christian College. His passion is to disciple students so they become comfortable and confident sharing Biblical truth and the love of Jesus with their neighbors, friends, relatives, and co-workers. He lives in San Diego, California with his wife of 18 years and their three children.